Horseback riding tours in Mongolia


Ride a Mongolian horse of our own herd, matched to your riding level. You do not need to know how to ride a horse. We will teach you how to ride a horse.

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We are proud Mongolian nomads, belonging to a time-honored nomadic lineage, and operate as a 100% locally-owned company. Beyond equestrian adventures, we extend our offerings to include thrilling jeep adventures, creating an immersive journey through the untamed steppes of Mongolia.


Our business specializes in providing immersive horseback riding tours across the diverse landscapes of Mongolia. With direct ownership of our herds featuring the esteemed Mongolian breed of horses, we autonomously manage our horse riding camp. Our English-language tours provide customers with comfort and an authentic nomadic experience, ensuring an unparalleled exploration of Mongolia's wilderness.

Stay with a Nomadic family

You can Live with a nomadic family and work with livestock growing and nursing them, ride some of the horses any time you like. Learn how to herd animals on horseback riding. This is the best way to experience real nomad lifestyle.

Plan your own trip

Create your custom-made tours with horse riding and/or a 4WD off road trips in Mongolia. Custom trips made for what you want to do / where you want to go, if by horse and/or a car.

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